My real name's Sam.
I'm a guy, 17.
Fyi, into gaming, anime, Utopia, Spaced, and the rest of C4's ilk, likewise with the BBC (Doctor Who basically).
This is not a hipster blog, I swear. I KNOW it looks like one, but it's not.

So I have this theory about the second series of Utopia

Okay, so Jessica Hyde’s blood is/contains the secret to Janus. But Janus is the god of two faces, right? Jessica is the first face.
Did we see Arby die? No we did not. Is Arby Jessica’s brother? Yes he is. He is probably BIOLOGICALLY realted to Jessica AND we know he was experimented on also by their father; obviously, he was kept alive, but for any particular reason? Arby is the second face. I think that the combination of the two unlocks the secret to Janus. On top of this I think Wilson will work for the Network in the second series (if it goes ahead), because we didn’t see him die either (Only Jessica said he died and she didn’t ACTUALLY see him die) and he was all for the Network’s sterilization scheme.

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